About Singularity Technologies LLC

At Singularity Technologies, we architect, design, install and maintain custom AV systems to support your effective business communications.

Architect : Design : Install

We start with the best building blocks available to create the strongest, most natural AV system for our clients. We excel in audio, video, control, audio teleconferencing, video teleconferencing and signal distribution.  From small meeting rooms to executive board rooms, network operation centers and digital signage, Singularity Technologies can design, equip and install your communications environments and support systems, including everything from acoustic considerations to visual treatments.

Consulting : Due Diligence

Singularity Technologies can drive your entire AV project from inception to delivery or utilize our experience and tools to act in a consulting or advisory capacity. We can provide you with detailed drawings, specifications and RFP documentation to facilitate the selection of an appropriate vendor as well as provide project management or oversight of a third party installation. We operate as a technical inspector, documentation and training provider and as a client advocate/liaison and will work with you to determine your specific project needs.

Maintenance : Customer Service

We deeply believe in taking care of the client, not just the system.  We have clients that have continued to use Singularity Technologies for all of their AV needs for the last 20 years. We can provide you the security of regular maintenance to keep your current communications environments running smoothly in addition to supporting your legacy technology. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you.

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